General Service Representative

When you are a General Service Representative (GSR): You link your home group with the whole of A.A. In 1950, a new type of trusted servant, “group representative,” was suggested to help in the selection of delegates for the newly formed General Service Conference. By 1953, the job of group representative included exchanging up-to-date information between individual groups and AA headquarters in New York (now “The General Service Office”). That’s still an important side of the work. However, as a General Service Representative, you now have an even bigger responsibility: You transmit ideas and opinions, as-well-as facts. Through you, the group conscience becomes a part of “the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship,” as specifically expressed in Concept I, from the “TWELVE CONCEPTS for WORLD SERVICE”.

WSEA 92’s GSR School is designed to help you prepare for this important responsibility.


GSR Survival Pack

It is recommended that a GSR be familiar with the following AA literature and materials:

RSG Paquete de supervivencia

Se recomienda que un RSG esté familiarizado con la siguiente documentación y materiales de AA:

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