The purpose of WSEA 92 Technology Committee is to help facilitate communication within WSEA 92, making information and activities of WSEA 92 accessible, providing safe and secure technology to preserve relevant material considered to have importance to WSEA 92. In consultation with the WSEA 92 Technology Committee, the Technology Committee Chair reviews and provides access to these materials, promoting knowledge and understanding of the origins, aspirations, and programs of WSEA 92. This is implemented by the use of both the Area Website as well as underlying communication structure of Google Workspace which allows information of the Area to be readily available and permanently saved for future Area use.

WSEA 92 Technology Committee in all its actions, is to be guided by AA’s primary purpose, AA principles, and in all matters will be open to suggestions and questions from the Fellowship.

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Send an email to the Chair of our Technology Committee. He or she can help you get started-and might even be able to introduce you to people in your district already doing this work.

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