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Good afternoon Area 92,

Now that the 70th General Service Conference (GSC) is behind us, let’s recognize over the next couple of months, notable activities by our Area 92 Standing and Ad Hoc Committees – starting with Corrections.

Bryan B., past Area 92 Corrections Chair, distributed a very interesting email a couple of days ago that included an attached letter to Washington’s Governor Inslee requesting a dialog with the Administration regarding support for introducing virtual online/closed circuit, A.A. meetings” into the Washington State Prison System.   The letter includes the support of Area 72 (Western Washington) and their Corrections Committee.   Bryan references Oregon’s recent implementation of online AA meetings at several facilities in their prison system and highlights other nationwide activities and overall general interest in virtual meeting concepts.  The objective is simple yet vital…to reconnect incarcerated alcoholics whose face-to-face contact with A.A., has all but disappeared in the midst of the Covid -19 Pandemic.

Chris J., our current Corrections Chair and other members on the Area 92 Corrections Committee are working to engage certain State Corrections Facility officials in Washington.   These officials are being educated on the mechanics and benefits of the concept, and asked to assist in determining the technical compatibility requirements of individual facilities.  Hopefully, this will expand the base of support for the overall proposal.  While each facility must be addressed separately and each outcome is uncertain, the team is proving to be knowledgeable and persistent.   Many thanks to Chris J., Bryan B., Mac M., Mike T., Ben N., Scott R., and Marc M.

In addition to  Corrections, other Area 92 Committees are rolling up their sleeves and finding ways to expand and enhance “Carrying the Message” within their areas of responsibility.   Theirs is the kind of service AA encourages and needs.    It challenges each of us, to consider more and better paths of communication for alcoholics inside and outside of A.A.    It is service…in pursuit of A.A.’s Primary Purpose…at its best.

Keep your eye on this column, more “Committee” highlights to come!

Gary P.

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