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Hello Area 92,

It has been an interesting couple of days. We landed at Laguardia airport Thursday afternoon at 4:30 est., 2 1/2 hrs later we had made it to the Crown Plaza Hotel in Time Square. The sites were beyond amazing and the people well there’s a lot of them, everywhere. Friday morning when I had awakened my body was saying “NO” not yet! WE met with Joel C. in the lobby with all of the Pacific Region Delegates. Getting reacquainted with some old friends and making new ones was the highpoint of the day. We took a subway to the GSO and attended the 475 meeting.  Introductions, a 20 min. speaker and some time for questions and answers. What an amazing feeling stating that I was here from WSEA 92 as I’m sure all of the Panel 68 Delegates were feeling. We headed back to Time Square with Bob H. Area 17 Delegate from Hawaii and others. Best person to be with as he is originally from the New York area. Today we started off with a quick bite to eat and took the Historical tour throughout Brooklyn and Queens seeing a couple of great sites. I’ll keep away from to much description as this will be shared in my Delegates Report when we return. What an exciting experience this has been so far. This afternoon the first of many meetings took place. Remote Communities meeting with a lot of great discussion. I had a feeling that I can not describe come over me during this meeting. I raised my hand and made myself available to either Chair or Co-Chair next years Remote Communities committee. So, I’m happy to say that your Panel 68 Area 92 Delegate was chosen and will be co-chair for this committee in 2019. What an honor to be chosen for this service position. I will be serving with Area 02 Panel 68 Delegate from Alaska at next years GSC. We have just finished our Delegates only meeting preparing us Panel 68 Delegates for what will take place beginning tomorrow. I’m going to say good night as it is still difficult getting use to the time difference. I am so very Blessed to be serving our Area as your Delegate.

In Love and Service,

Allen D.

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