WSEA 92 Delegate Report – MARCH

 In Delegate's Corner

Hello everyone,

It has been quite busy for myself since the Agenda Topics and background information was released this past February. I would like to share with you what my role at the General Service Conference in New York this coming April will in tale. As a voting member of the conference I as your delegate will bring to its deliberations the experience and viewpoints of our area. I will represent Area 92 although I am not a representative of our area in the usual political sense; after hearing all points of view, and becoming fully informed during conference discussion, I will vote in the best interest of A.A. as a whole. Doing a lot these past few weeks getting deep into the 68th GSC Agenda Items background information in preparation for the conference. Beginning the process of scheduling Delegate Reports. These will be done with an accumulation of districts at a time. Focusing on delivering information out to the body, both in English and Spanish, as soon as I receive it has been an important part of my recent work.
I would like to share a little on leadership, Bill wrote in “The language of the Heart” that “no society can function without able leadership in all its levels and A.A. can be no exception”. If we A.A.’s think that we can do without any leadership at all then we are apt to warp the traditional idea of “principles before personalities” around to such a point that there would be no personality in leadership whatsoever. “In A.A., certainly, no leader is faceless and neither is any leader perfect. We have an abundance of men and women whose dedication, stability, vision and special skills make them capable of dealing with every possible service assignment. We have only to seek these folks out and trust them to serve us. Bill stated to us; “Act for us, but don’t boss us”. I had read this part of his readings long ago. Making decisions on my own without guidance could get oneself into a spot of some difficulty. He also stated that “good leadership originates plans, policies and ideas for the improvement of our Fellowship and it’s services”. Leadership has a strong side of “give and take”. The ability to compromise cheerfully whenever a proper compromise can cause a situation to progress in the right direction. Lastly, There are always the constructive critics, our friends in deed! One should never fail to give them a careful hearing. Always being willing to let them modify our opinions and or change them completely. But on the other hand we shall have to disagree and then stand fast without losing their friendship. Some or all of this I have experienced in my time of service. There are those too who are the “piledrivers” which have been quite interesting as well as challenging – All for the good of A.A., of course! My response to them is so vitally important in how the conversation will continue. Slow ones breathing and understand where this is coming from. Listen! How and what I say will determine the type of conclusion to the conversation. These are some of Bills quotes in which he had written about dealing with leadership in service. I hope you take time, if you haven’t already, in reading “The Language of the Heart. Such a good read!
I am looking forward to seeing all of the Delegates at the 68th General Service Conference as well as the workers of our General Service Office next month. As well as enjoying the historical tour and the trip to Stepping Stones. This I have been so curious about for years.
I will be posting as much as time will allow from the conference in Sharing of my experience.

“If you Persist Remarkable things will happen”!

In Love and Service,

Allen D.

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