In Delegate's Corner

Hello everyone,

Today began with our tour to the General Service office. Meeting the staff was so very exciting as well as seeing their work areas. The best was seeing the Archives displayed of just about everything you could imagine pertaining to the history of what we hold dear to ourselves. These photographs and others will be seen when I give my report to you all. We began the conference process with each Pacific Region Area’s nominee for the next Pac. Region Trustee. The emotions of presenting our choice, Dolores E. was such a warm feeling from inside.  I am happy to announce that are next Pacific Region Trustee is Kathi F. from Area 3 Arizona. We all gathered together and called her to announce to her that she had been chosen. The voting process of the Agenda Topics began next and was very exciting as the GSC is using an electronic process for this. Time is so valuable and this is one way of saving that.  We were only able to cover two of the conference committee items and will resume with the remaining ones in the morning. Today I was able to share at the microphone our area’s views on these as well.

I will say goodnight now,

In Love and Service,

Allen D.

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