We alcoholics need each other

 In Delegate's Corner

Many thanks to our Digital Communications Chair, Jennifer W., for getting this corner “activated” and showing me the ropes on how to use it.     The past few months have been quite busy for all of us in Area 92 who assumed new trusted servant responsibilities.    Then, overnight, almost everything we do was upended with the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic.   It has had an enormous impact on our fellowship across all Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service.  Virtually everything in our program requires a human connection; from a 12th-step call to sponsor/sponsee discussions and A.A. meetings; to Group and District business meetings, to Area/Regional Workshops, Quarterlies, and Assemblies; and to participation in the annual General Service Conference in New York.    Our link with each other is vital.  Indeed, our First Tradition states “Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon A.A. Unity.”

Importantly, at this time each year, most of you are engaged in one fashion or another, with the critical work of evaluating and expressing the decisions and actions that you want our General Service Office and Board to perform on behalf of Alcoholics Annonymous.  In our “Upside Down Triangle” organization, the fellowship’s experiences and viewpoints as expressed in the Collective  Conscience is the organization’s primary driver.  The collective we, have the mandate.  This Saturday, Mar. 28th, despite the necessity to maintain “Social Distance”, we will conduct via “ZOOM”, one of the critical components of our service process.  A “Virtual” meeting will be held to review the major 2020 Agenda Items, which are sitting in the A.A. Service Queue – awaiting their destiny.

The Events Page on this Area website has the schedule, details, and link you will need to join us.   Please do, your informed voice is essential.

Much love and gratitude,

Gary P.



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