1. Introduce the idea of hosting a GSR School in your District. Have a thorough discussion and highlight the benefits to be gained, not only for new GSRs, but anyone who is interested in refreshing their knowledge and understanding of A.A. General Service.
  2. Discuss the idea with one or more neighboring districts who might want to participate, which will draw additional members to the event. This will expand the fellowship, interactive participation, and fun!
  3. Select a suitable location and possible dates for the GSR School. Discuss a range of dates that will work for most of the attendees and find available locations. Check the District, Intergroup and WSEA 92 websites to avoid conflicting activities.
  4. Complete The GSR School Request Form that can be downloaded at GSR Request Form   Then contact the WSEA 92 Alternate Delegate, to review the dates and venue you are considering.  You will select the final date together. A three-hour block of time is recommended, but each GSR School can be customized to fit the District’s needs.
  5. Maintain communication with the Alternate Delegate to prepare for the event. The Alternate Delegate will help with some of the minor details of the event, which may include printing pamphlets and other materials, (see items 8 and 9 below). Additionally, review facility equipment options such as laptop availability, internet connectivity, digital vs. analog projection, and useable screens.
  6. Provide updates to the Alternate Delegate with the approximate number of members you anticipate will attend. The expected attendance is important for your planning (selecting a large enough facility, providing coffee, refreshments, relevant documents, etc.) but also for the Alternate Delegate who may bring additional materials.
  7. Discuss the District’s ability to be self-supporting. Reimbursing mileage ($.35 per mile) for the Past Delegate’s and Alt. Delegate who travel from outside your District is one way your District can be fully self-supporting. If you are unable to do that, reimbursing actual gasoline expenses is also helpful. You should calculate in advance how much your District can offer as reimbursement and provide that information to the Alternate Delegate.
  8. Ask a District trusted servant to make copies of the “GSR School Workbook” from the Area’s website along with the Handouts. GSRs benefit by having these documents available to them at a GSR School, and they are both available for download from the Area’s website at http://area92aa.org/gsr-school-materials/ .  If you are unable to have these documents available for attendees, please let the Alternate Delegate know in advance.
  9. Try to ensure that New GSR’s are provided other recommended materials appropriate to the GSR School. These materials include the following: “The A.A Group…where it all begins”; “GSR General Service Representative”; “AA Tradition – How It developed by Bill W.”; The Twelve Traditions Illustrated”; and “The Twelve Concepts for World Services”
  10. Once fully scheduled, details about your GSR School will be posted on the on the Area’s website (events calendar) by the WSEA Alternate Chair and a flyer can be included if available.  You should also post them on your District and Intergroup websites if available.
  11. Print flyers and disseminate them to the groups and DCM’s in not only your District, but neighboring Districts as well. The more the merrier, so spread the word with enthusiasm, and as far and wide as possible. When you announce the event, if you are excited about it, others will get excited about it too. 
  12. HAVE FUN!! GSR Schools are helpful to everyone.  GSR’s, Committee Chairs, newcomers, old timers and everyone in between. The information provided by the Past Delegates is relevant to any member, will enrich everyone’s sobriety, will broaden each attendee’s understanding of general service, and illustrate the connection with our individual 12th Step work.
    In love and service, Ben N.
    WSEA 92 Alternate Delegate
    Cell:  (208) 755-2345
    Email: alt-delegate@area92aa.org

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