Opening Day of the GSC

 In Delegate's Corner

By responding “present” this morning during roll call of the 65th Annual General Service Conference I officially became a member.  The Chair of the General Service Conference welcomed us.  The GSO Manager provided an Orientation of Conference Procedures.  The Conference Coordinator reviewed the week with us and then we were treated to two terrific presentations: 1) Report on the 23rd World Service Meeting held in Warsaw Poland presented by Bob, trusted-at-large/U.S. and 2) A.A Around the World presented by Rick, GSO staff who shared a miracle story of how A.A. began in Liberia.  More to come in my report back.  Following lunch there was presentation/discussion topics on “Our Common Welfare Through Gratitude in Action”.  Panels included:  Diversity in A.A, Our Heritage of Inclusion, Safety and Respect – Practicing the Principles Begins in Our Home Group, Safeguarding Our Traditions Through the Evolution of Technology and Inventory – Looking Back to Move Ahead.  This afternoon we will meet in our committees with the trustees committees who will report on their activities.  Since trustees serve on more than one committee and cannot be in two places at one time the meetings are staggered this afternoon only.  I am free for 2 hours and immediately following the trustees and conference committees meeting covering Treatment/Special Needs Accessibilities Committee will be the opening banquet.  Then back to my room for a good nights sleep as conference committees begin their work tomorrow morning and the days will be long, good but long.  I will represent area 92 here at the conference to the very best of my ability, respect and graciousness.  Thank you for allowing me to be of service..  Dolores

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