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Greetings Area 92,

The previous article on the “Corner” highlighted notable activities of Area 92’s Corrections Committee.  Many thanks again to Chris J., Bryan B., Mac M., Mike T., Ben N., Scott R., and Marc M.

This edition focuses on the work of our “Cooperation with the Professional” (CPC) and “Public Information” (PI) Committees and their respective chairs Brande G, and Michelle W.    An important nugget of additional background, these chairs, along with others who joined the Area 92, Panel 70 Committee on January 1st, 2020, did so prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic!   Their expectations for participation changed drastically in March.

They did not shrink from the challenge!  Quite the contrary.  All rallied to lead the Area Committee in the essential AA service of summarizing, distributing, collecting, and conducting the virtual, 2020 Agenda Item Review Process that provided this Delegate with Area 92’s vital “Collective Conscience”!   It was a successful, wonderful, and first-ever experience.

Since then, Brande and Michelle began a combined monthly CPC/PI meeting, inviting District representatives to participate.  Seven people showed the first night.  Brande insists that Michelle W. has been the pivotal resource getting these “virtual” meetings underway.

One of the many consequences of the Pandemic arose for individuals who are directed by Courts and Probation offices to connect with and attend AA meetings.    Natalie F. from District 08, Northern Idaho contacted her county probation office, to provide updated information and modified directions on contacting AA during the pandemic.  Similarly, Coleen, a CPC committee member from District 17 is developing a draft letter for use with Washington State’s county probation departments.

District 08 also set up a monthly CPC/PI meeting with their CPC chair, Curtis, and their first meeting on Aug. 4th was attended by a nurse, a social worker, and a mental health professional in addition to Brande, Michelle, and Natalie.    Brande’s assessment was simple…“It was a great meeting.”

Finally, among the remarkable benefits of more widespread “virtual” AA connectivity are these two items.  First, Brande was able to attend a CPC Roundtable, hosted by Arizona – Area 03, where attendees have decided it should become a monthly meeting.   And, Oregon – Area 58 will begin hosting a CPC Panel with Q&A this Sunday, Aug. 30th.

Once again, Area 92 Committees are rolling up their sleeves and finding ways to expand and enhance “Carrying the Message”.   Theirs is the kind of service AA needs.   It challenges us to consider more and better paths of communication for alcoholics inside and outside of A.A.    It is service…in pursuit of A.A.’s Primary Purpose…at its best.

Gary P.

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