June Delegate Corner Report

 In Delegate's Corner


Just a quick posting to let you all know things have been really hopping for me since early February.  This is such a great opportunity to be of service to area92 and AA as a whole.  Since returning from the conference last month I spent some time preparing my delegate report presentation and to date have visited Chelan (districts 5, 12, 19 and 23 ) and Yakima (districts 6, 20, and 11).  I also attended the Hispanic Convention in Wenatchee on Saturday, May 24th and once again they were so welcoming to me.  I serve on the Pacific Region Delegate Advisory Board for PRAASA (PDAB) and we have begun regular conference calls to address how the Board can be most helpful to the PRAASA Host Committees as well as the PRAASA body.  Should you have concerns, recommendations, ideas that you would like us to consider and report to the PRAASA body next March, you may let me know and I will be happy to pass them along.  Hopefully, many of you are planning to attend PRAASA 2015 in Layton UT the 1st full weekend in March.  Also, don’t forget the Pacific Northwest Conference June 20 – 23 in Spokane and the Pacific Regional Forum in Boise ID the weekend of July 11th – 13th.  Flyers for both of those events should be on this website under the calendar or events tab.  A  word about self support.  I recently emailed the delegate contribution report for area 92 to all of the Standing Committee.  If your DCM has not yet shared that information with you, please ask him or her to do so.    Currently approximately 24% of all AA groups in area 92 have contributed to GSO in 2014.  It is early in the year and many groups have specific times they send in contributions throughout the year.  I would just like to remind all of us that GSO, WA State East Area 92 and your local districts all provide services vital to Alcoholics Anonymous and in order to continue to do so, they must have our support.  It is understood that many individuals and families are experiencing significant financial hardships at this time.  There are many ways to support AA through service for those who are unable to contribute through the 7th Tradition.  Perhaps you are a baker and wish to bake a Birthday Cake.  Or perhaps you can create a home made Birthday Card for an AA Anniversary/milestone (rather than the groups purchasing a card).  What about offering to babysit for an AA group filled with young mothers?  Can you offer to place schedules or AA literature in institutions, volunteer to pick up a special needs member for a meeting.  The list of opportunities to give is almost endless.  For those who have been blessed with a new way of life, a job and more stable finances, let’s remember that AA is self supporting through our own contributions and that a dollar does not buy today what it did 50 to 75 years ago.  I like what is called the “52 plan”.  That would be a $5 contribution to my home group every week and a $2 contribution to each of the other groups I attend that week.  It generally averages out to about $10 bucks a week.  Let me see, how many jumbo margaritas can that buy? Oh, and don’t forget the Birthday Plan.  I have envelopes and you can obtain more from AAWS at  no charge.   I am having the time of my life serving area 92.  Together, we can effectively carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to those still suffering alcoholics who need and want it.  Hope to see you all soon.  Gods Grace, Dolores

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