It is time for the 2020 General Service Conference!

 In Delegate's Corner

As all of us are keenly aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed much of A.A.’s activities during the past couple of months.  In addition to serving as a substitute for many of our area A.A. meetings, “virtual” technology has replaced in-person Group, District, Area, and GSO business meetings, not just in the U.S. and Canada, but throughout the world.   Many of you participated in our first Virtual Agenda Item Review at the end of March.   In my judgment, those hours online resulted in a highly useful and effective communication of conscience (154 comments by 110 individuals).  We are grateful to all Area 92 members who participated, including those not in the Zoom review meeting, who contributed thoughts in their home group’s discussions.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th, after much preliminary work, the first virtual “General Service Conference” (GSC) will get underway with 135 members connected via “ZOOM”.   Each of the Conference Trustee and Delegate Committees, accompanied by many of the NYC based “work from home” Conference staff, have been meeting virtually since April to get ready for this momentous event.   The vital business of A.A. will be conducted, ensuring that our Primary Purpose continues unabated.   Regarding Primary Purpose, “failure” is not in the A.A. vernacular.

The conference is scheduled to adjourn on Tuesday, May 19th.    Results containing GSC Agenda discussions and conclusions will be assembled for Group and District “report-backs” by early June.

With much love and gratitude,

Gary P.

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