Initial Report on the 70th “Virtual” General Service Conference (GSC)

 In Delegate's Corner

Good afternoon Area 92;

Last weeks posting on the Delegates Corner, spotlighted the scheduled beginning of the 70th General Service Conference (GSC) on Saturday, May 16th at 7:00 AM PDT.   This “first-ever” Virtual GSC got underway as planned, with 135 voting members plus 23 non-voting GSO Directors and Staff.  An additional 12 AA members selected from across the U.S. and Canada, served as ZOOM technical and operational support.  They facilitated the conduct of business (Motions, Seconds, Points of Order, Points of Information, etc.) all delivered in a highly efficient manner using numerous ZOOM capabilities.   Importantly, all balloting was conducted online and proved to be effective, accurate, and visible.

The conference remained in almost constant sessions over the next four, 12-hour days, adjourning at 10:30 PM EDT, (7:30 PM PDT) on Tuesday, May 19th.   The General Service Board is meeting today, Saturday May 23, to review and ratify the results, as required by A.A.’s NY State Charter.   Conference results are on hold until that ratification is completed.   The Conference Coordinator will then begin posting the completed GSC materials on the GSO Dashboard.

Many pages of my personal notes and observations from the event, will be combined with the completed GSC materials into a presentation to be shared with Districts and Groups across Area 92.   Accordingly, each DCM has been asked to review their District’s calendar, looking for opportunities over the next few months when these 70th Conference “Report-Backs” (approximately 2-hour sessions) can be scheduled.  Districts will be combined where possible, and in the near-term, they will be conducted virtually.

This “first-ever virtual” GSC was well-thought-out, well-organized, and well-executed, by a remarkable GSO staff, under challenging pandemic conditions, and within an entirely new setting and delivery methodology.  There were literally no glitches that forethought would have anticipated, although the experience did highlight a couple of methods that could be accomplished a bit differently and better.   So, some useful lessons.

I am delighted to have participated!

Please contact your DCM to learn when a “Report-Back” is scheduled for your District.   You will want to know more about this historic A.A. event.

Much love (and a virtual hug) to everyone.

Gary P.




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