Greetings from New York City

 In Delegate's Corner

Hi Friends,

After getting up at 2am yesterday morning to catch the 6am flight out of Wenatchee we arrived in Newark NJ at 4:15pm.  There was  a major protest in Times Square yesterday over the minimum wage here.  They want Seattle’s minimum wage of $15.  While this is an outside issue it made for a 3 hour shuttle ride to the Crown Plaza.  After we had  some dinner and put our clothes away we went to bed.  This morning we didn’t get around until 10am and the took the subway to the 911 memorial and exhibit.  A sobering experience.  We were there for 3 hours, did some shopping and then went to dinner with Bruce D, thee delegate area 2 Alaska and his wife.  I am now back in our room to get a good nights sleep so I am rested when the conference begins.  Tomorrow several of us will meet up in the lobby to take the subway to GSO.  We will be attending the regular Friday morning A.A meeting at GSO.  I have to go now my husband just came back with ice cream and I don’t want it to melt.  Hugs to you all, Dolores

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