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Good day Area 92,

My apologies for the slight delay in posting on here for you. I actually did post on Thursday but I’m not sure where it went. Yesterday was a day full of business, FULL DAY! As you may know a couple of the agenda items we had were discussed in their entirety and then some. I am so excited in returning with the decisions of the Conference for you. We finally completed the week long discussions last night. It was an emotional moment for all of us Panel 68 Delegates in bidding a farewell to this “Journey of a Lifetime, and what a journey it has been!  This morning we had Saturday brunch with the outgoing Regional Trustees, who we had gone through the voting process in rotating. Actually this session is one where we, Pacific Regional Delegates, were not a voting member. Prior to the Conference beginning  I was chosen, along with three other Panel 68 Delegates to be counters for any voting session that may need a hand count. Blessed to say that the electronic system did not fail us for this to take place. LOL!   The farwells were all so warm and heartfelt. Of course not a dry eye in the ballroom during these either. We are officially adjourned. Heading out with a few new and old friends to visit Hell’s Kitchen this afternoon and ending our stay with a dinner on the pier this evening. We’ll be with my Delegate friend Dale S. from Ontario.

We’ll see you soon Area 92,

Allen D.

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