Delegates January update

 In Delegate's Corner

Hello Area 92,

I would first like to congratulate and welcome all the new DCM’s, Alt. DCM’s, GSR’s, Alt. GSR’s the appointed Standing Committee Chairs as well as our Elected Trusted Servants. Very excited and having the up-most confidence in your continued service to Area 92.

It’s been busy for myself since being with you all at the January Quarterly in Yakima e. Having so many questions for our past Delegates, I was able to speak to Dolores E., Scott R., amd Rad M. in getting their take on a lot of interesting items, that are new to me, in this service position as Area 92 Delegate Panel 68.  I had shared with you that I had a conference call scheduled with my General Service Conference committee on Grapevine during our Quarterly. Well the UTC, Universal time clock, is something that will take some getting used to.  Very unfamiliar with this but making progress.  The Grapevine Committee chair had contacted me a couple days ago and we had a chance to get caught up on a few things.  The reason for this is that I will be serving on the Grapevine committee and a subcommittee on Archives when I get to New York. We will be having another conference call prior to the General Service Conference soon.  Having some experience with conference calling in the past two rotations with our appointed and Elected officers will be most useful as I push forward.

I had just sent out a list of 60 “Proposed Items”, for the agenda of the 68th General Service conference coming this April.  As I had mentioned before they are only Proposed items.  some have been forwarded to certain GSC committees, and some haven’t .  There are a couple DCM;s that have no email address, so I will be sending them hard copies.  Lisa G. our Area Translation Chair has been very helpful in getting items translated for our Spanish speaking districts.  I will be posting on a regular basis on our area website in this Delegates corner, prior to and during the General Service Conference.  Communication being so vital to our existence.  So please if you have any questions that I may answer feel free to contact me.

I appreciate so much the help and guidance that I have been able to receive from our Past Delegates.  In this their experience will be so very important to me and to our Area as well.

Very humbly looking forward to this part of my journey in service.

Thank you

Yours in love and Service


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