Conference Post 4.18.15

 In Delegate's Corner

Dear Friends,

I did not post last night as internet was not working well.  The conference has not
yet begun but already I have had numerous spiritual experiences. Yesterday some of us went to the GSO Archives and then attended the Friday morning meeting at GSO.  Then we ate in the cafeteria downstairs in the same building.  We must have talked for 2 hrs then we all went different directions.  Fred and I returned to the hotel and then went out for a long walk.  Last night we went to the Musical Jersey Boys and then went out for a nice dinner.  This morning the Pacific Region Delegates and some others along with our Pacific Region Trustee met in the h0tel lobby at 8:15am and boarded a tour bus for a historical tour with a GSO Manager who is now 88 years old and doesn’t miss a beat.  He smokes the biggest cigars I have ever seen and there must be something the matter with me because they smelled really good!  He took us to Towns Hospital, 182 Clinton Street where Ebby visited Bill.  We also saw the home where Bill & Lois lived when he was riding high in the stock market.  We drove by Central Park, went past the Roosevelt Hotel where 35 Generals Services Conferences were held and stopped by Calvary Episcopal Church Bill attended many Oxford Group meetings.  We got back to the hotel at 1pm and the meet and greet for conference members was held from 1pm – 3pm.  I ate a quick sandwich, changed into my professional clothes and was downstairs by 1:30pm.  Following  at 3pm was the 1728 meeting (a meeting held the day prior to each GSC with the goal of providing to our Class A Trustees deeper understanding a deeper understanding of A.A.  Bill , GSO Trustee presented on the Conference Charter and Chet SE Regional Trustee presented on Concept II.  Following that meeting at 4:30 I attended the Remote Communities meeting.  You see, the conference has not even officially begun and I already have info to report back.  Grabbed a quick bite of dinner and then attended the Delegates Only Meeting (this is very helpful in providing information to the panel 65 delegates. )  Off to bed right now.  Morning comes early and I need to get rest as the Conference officially begins tomorrow.  FYI I have not decided if I will say “here” or “present” tomorrow morning.  Thank You for allowing me to be of service.

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