Closing Brunch 201S GSC

 In Delegate's Corner

Well it has been a long week however a good one.  We got a lot of work done for Alcoholics Anonymous.  We finished our work around 8pm last night.  It was nice to be able to go out and watch the craziness in Times Square.  I attended the closing Brunch where the outgoing each gave their farewell talk.  It was also bittersweet as it was the last GSC that our GSO manager will preside over. She is from Western WA and is the first female General Service Manager. She will retire in October and rumor has it, she may be moving into Area 92. After the brunch this morning, my husband and I walked all over NYC. I can’t wait to tell you about the conference this year. I have lots of pictures. Well the shuttle is picking us up at 4:30am so I guess I’d better get some sleep. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to represent area 92 at the GSC. In love and service, Dolores

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