Simply put, a temporary contact is an AA member who works with clients who are being discharged from treatment facilities and helps them bridge the gap to AA in the local community.

The pamphlet “Bridging the gap” was developed to provide information to AA members about temporary contact programs. It contains general guidelines and suggestions for temporary contacts and includes important points to remember.

Bridging the Gap through temporary contact programs may be handled differently in various parts of the U.S. and Canada. In some places, this service may be under the auspices of the Area Treatment Facilities Committee or a Hospitals and Institutions Committee. Some areas have formed “Bridge the Gap” Committees while others have a Temporary Contact Service as a committee separate from Treatment Facilities or H&I.

In many places, AA committees inform treatment facilities about the temporary contact service and are given opportunities to present information directly to clients. Then it is up to the client to let AA know if he or she wishes to have a temporary contact upon discharge. Some temporary contact services accept request for temporary contacts from either treatment professionals or clients.

At least one area has produced cards describing their contact service. The cards are distributed to treatment facilities and the professional staff gives the cards to clients who may then initiate contact.*

*Reprinted from Treatment Facility Workbook, page 15, with permission of AA World Services, Inc.

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