Favorite Public Information Projects:

  1. Placing Conference approved books, e.g. the Big Book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, or Living Sober in public libraries.
  2. Placing literature racks in high schools and libraries and other public locations, and keeping the racks stocked with appropriate literature and meeting schedules.
  3. Sending letters to high schools, offering AA literature and/or a presentation on AA -what we do and we do not do.
  4. Responding to speaking requests at non-AA meetings in the district.
  5. Speaking at AA home groups to spread the word about P.I. and how it helps us fulfill our primary purpose.
  6. Participating with booths and literature at local health, country and state fairs.
  7. Placing meeting schedules behind the front desks of hotels.
  8. Speaking at AA home groups about our tradition of anonymity.

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