The following guideline is offered by the Archive Steering Committee for use by groups requesting the Traveling Display of WSEA 92 Archives to be made available for their activity.

The display may be made available for AA service functions attracting a general AA audience. Exclusions will be individual meetings, retreats, gratitude banquets or any function where there would be limited time and interest in viewing the display. Where there is any doubt as to the practicality of displaying the Archives, the final decision will be made by the Archive Steering Committee. When possible, at least three months advance notice should be given to the Archivist for preparation of the display.

The host committee must provide a secure room large enough to hold six to eight tables, six feet in length. During the time the display is in the room, the Archivist will have sole possession of the room key.

Out of pocket expenses for the traveling display should be provided by the host committee and normally would include mileage at the current Area rate for the Archivist, to and from the event and full registration package provided including lodging and meals.

The Archivist will provide host committee with the hours the display will be open and the host committee is requested to publish the hours in the event schedule.

The WSEA 92 Archives look forward to being a part of the District Activities and sharing our archival material with the maximum number of members of the fellowship. By actively displaying the Area Archives, we maintain our day-to-day experience in recovery and reach back for the shared experience from the past.

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