The Archives Steering Committee consists of six members, each serving a four-year term. In each Even-numbered year, three members will be replaced. This ensures that there will always be some continuity of experience on the Steering Committee. The seventh member will be the Area Archivist who acts as chairperson of the committee. Candidates for the Steering Committee will send their resumes to the Archivist in the fall of each Odd numbered year. The Archivist will then select three members who will be presented at the January Area Committee for affirmation. Whenever possible, it is desired to have one member of the Steering Committee who lives in or near the District where the Repository is located. For continuity it would be helpful if the out going Archivist were selected as a member of the Archives Steering Committee, unless, he/she is elected to be an officer of the Washington State East Area Committee. It shall be possible for Steering Committee members to serve consecutive terms. For the first rotation three Steering Committee members will be selected for a two-year term, and three will be selected to a four-year term to keep with the continuity.

 Area Archivist Term

The term of Archivist is four years. In the fall of each rotation of the Area Archivist will send a resume to the Area chair just as any other appointed officer position. The Archivist is then selected by the Area elected officers, not changing the Area structure. The Steering Committee can recommend the reappointment of the currently serving Archivist according to Motion 02-07. Qualifications for this position reflect past Archives interest and experience, participation on the Archives Committee, and organizational skills pertinent to the maintenance of the Archives files.

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