What is Collected

Historical items that are pertinent to Washington State East Area 92 and items of General AA historical interest. This includes non-AA items, which are a significant part of AA history. The Archives is the repository for all Area historical business and financial records. The Archives may encourage non-monetary contributions for specific needs; i.e., historical materials, Grapevines and binders, filing equipment and supplies.

Display Policy

To ensure that all parts of the Area have the opportunity to view the traveling display, Steering Committee members may assume the responsibility for and show the display when the Area Archivist is unable to do so. The Archives display will not be displayed at individual meetings, Upon request, the display will be shown for functions attracting a general AA audience from beyond their immediate group. In all cases, the Steering Committee will approve the temporary transfer of responsibility to other than Steering Committee members or the Area Archivist. The Archives display is never to be left unattended unless it is in a secure place. The traveling display takes several forms; compact for one-day or shorter showings and more extensive for multiple-day showings such as Area Assembly. It is not the intent to display as much of our holdings as possible; rather we should try for quality and maximum interest and information. Archives display shall generally be limited to AA service oriented functions. Retreats, gratitude banquets, and any function where there would be limited time and interest in viewing the display would also be excluded. Where there is any doubt as to the practicality of displaying the Archives, the final decision will be made by the Archives Steering Committee.

Archives Display funding

The Archives will not participate in general fund raising activities. Out-of-pocket expenses for the traveling display, not covered by Washington State East Area policy, should be provided by the host committee.

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